Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson, a Real Estate veteran who has averaged more than one closed transaction a week for 26 years straight and who is now approaching his 2000th closed real estate deal, reveals his Sales Production Secrets? model for success. It is the same SPS Production Model? he has used for decades. This same SPS Production Model? routinely enables brand new agents to sell a house in their first month, and another one the next month, and the next month thereafter, nonstop. And Veteran agents too, experience similar results, and beyond, on a monthly basis. The SPS Production model? that Fred both teaches and uses can be duplicated by any agent in any market. Longtime agents have revitalized their careers, (see Testimonials in the What SPS members are Saying section below) and new agents have rocketed to success as they begin to make more money faster and easier than they ever thought possible. The best thing is, this coaching is just $29.95 a month and comes with a 100% instant refund money back guarantee! And unbelievably, Fred and his many SPS Members spend no money on marketing!!! That's right. Quit spending money on marketing and add a transaction or more a month to your book of business.

You will find out

It is Not Your Fault

You likely won't hear this from your broker; you probably won't learn it from your manager. Fortunately, being an SPS member will teach you everything you need to know. Besides, it's not about what others think but what you think. And make no mistake about it, as it sweeps the nation agent by agent, Fred Wilson's Sales Production Secrets? is changing the way individuals like you think about success in the business. And with our 100% Instant Money-Back Guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose -- except an extra commission check or two each month by not becoming a member.

Really, it's not your fault. You were likely told the old, standard industry lines from non SPS members: "it takes years to build a real estate practice, don't expect a commission for 6 months to 12 months," "you must spend money on marketing to be an agent," you haveyou have to build a big data base," "you have to beg everyone you know for a referral," "you have to build a farm," "you just have to be lucky." SPS members, too have heard these lines that are in fact spoken everyday in the real estate business, and likely in your very own office, but they are SIMPLY ARE NOT TRUE. Fred's SPS Production Model? for success has proven that. SPS members who apply his Production Model? generate new business in their first weeks and months of becoming members.??

"I became a real estate agent 6 months ago. In these past 6 months I haven't really improved myself as an agent. I say this because I still haven't gotten any listings nor do I feel like I know how to get them. I feel so defeated, I am running out of ideas"
Does this sound familiar? Do you ever feel that way, even though you have been in the business 5, 10, 15 years? Do you really know how to go out and get a real estate deal, virtually at will? ?If we put you on the clock, do you absolutely and with 100% certainty know that you can to go out, create a transaction, and open an escrow within 30 days? Every agent in the country should be able to do that. Sadly, most will wander around with hoping and waiting as their primary strategy. Compare that to practicing SPS Members, who know how to go out and produce business. A carpenter should know how to make a table, a brain surgeon should know how to perform brain surgery and, certainly, real estate agents must know how to go out and generate their next transaction. It is just that simple. If you don't absolutely know how to go out and generate new business, you MUST find out how.?Lack of production is what drives new agents, salty veterans, and everyone in between out of the business -- broke, broken, and discouraged. They try with all their hearts but, in not understanding the secrets of production known to SPS Members -- and secrets that get them paid regularly -- unfortunately, far too many fail.

Inevitably it's a lack of knowledge, not lack of effort, that KILLS a real estate career. We have all seen agents who literally work themselves to exhaustion not knowing the right things to do on a daily basis and then suddenly they just DROP OUT OF THE BUSINESS -- usually citing a "poor market," "other interests," or "semi-retirement." Sadly, they walked away from one of the most amazing and profitable business opportunities in the world where more money and more freedom are afforded at minimal risk. Tell me where you can start a business for $1000 and make $200,000 in your first year with nearly zero capital outlay. There isn't one! You have in fact chosen a great career! ?SPS Members all know that doing business the SPS way is a dream opportunity!They are actually living the dream you likely envisioned when you first became an agent. That dream is alive and well, and still exists for SPS Members and could be for you, too.

Whether a new or veteran agent, if you told your broker that you are going to do a new deal in your very first month as an SPS Member and then continue at that pace from month to month, he or she might have some doubts. And if you were to say you would accomplish that feat with ZERO Marketing dollars spent, your broker's concern likely would increase, don't you think? And yet if you then went out and actually added another $200,000 or more in commission income to your book of business, your broker would become a big believer, right? That's because seeing is believing, and brokers at office after office regularly see our SPS Members achieving such results.

Some ask the following question:
Why do you charge only
$29.95 a month, when 82% SPS Members polled say the training is worth more than $100,000 a year to them? Why not the big fee upfront like some other coaches charge? Fred has always had a heart and great talent for coaching. It has been a lifelong passion, as evidenced in his book: The Third Law of Success. Fred also owns a very successful real estate brokerage (his agents produce roughly twice the deals per capita of area brokerages) and, as mentioned, he has been an ultra-consistent, top-producing real estate agent for 26 years running. Fred maintains that each agent deserves the best of success, and that price should never be a barrier to receiving the coaching they need to attain it. Based on SPS Member results, some business consultants suggest he should charge $500 to $1000 a month for his training. However, at this time Fred's training remains only .98 cents a day, or just $29.95 a month (with no risk, SPS Membership is cancelable at any time).

Frequently Asked Questions

Although a proven top producer in his own right -- again, someone who has averaged one closed transaction a week for over 26 years (without marketing!) -- Fred Wilson is also an engaging speaker, much read author, and sought-after coach. But the backbone of his agent training programs for success in sales is found in his ongoing, easy-to-access series of live coaching calls. And after having successfully hosted the calls for 8 years running, his Tuesday Morning Reveal?, daily ProductionAlert?, and weekly ProAcademy? calls still lead the way."

Can I really expect to add a deal a month to my book of business?
Yes! On one condition: if you are a willing to be active in the SPS way 3 to 4 hours a day, 4 to 5 days a week, you will achieve the same great results that our members talk about below. Some may say that it sounds too good to be true but, as Fred says, "It works, if you work it."

Do you have top producers using it?
Yes, without question. In fact, top producers key into the dynamics of Fred Wilson's Production Model? perhaps more than any other group. They readily see the value and are eager to implement it within their own practice of production.

Is it true that I don't have to spend money on marketing??????
Yes, It's true. The Production model? does NOT require any marketing to implement. Fred Wilson does NO marketing and SPS Members spend little or no money on marketing either. They quickly discover the upside of not having to spend money to make money.

Do I lose anything in waiting to begin?
Definitely, $10,000 or even $100,000 in lost income. ?Act now while it is still available.

Is it really just .98 cents a day or is there some hidden up-sell?
Nope, just .98 cents a day, or just $29.95 a month for our basic program.

Can I really cancel any time I want?
Yes, your SPS membership includes an unconditional 100% Instant Money-Back Guarantee. You can call or email to cancel at any time; no questions asked, it's easy as that.

Features and Benefits

100% Instant Refund Money-Back Guarantee you risk nothing and can cancel anytime.

What SPS Members are Saying

Description: Brian S.jpg"Fred's Coaching has been invaluable. ?Coming into the business, I had a pre-conceived notion that it would take at least twelve to eighteen months before I could open an escrow, but because of what I learned, I was able to open my first escrow my first month in the business. ?My thought was that a great deal of marketing would have to be done before seeing any real clients emerge. ?Through Fred's coaching, I was able to do almost a deal a month in my first year. ?It taught me that all the marketing you need is a daily approach to talking to people to find out what is going on and changing in one's life that may present an opportunity in real estate. ??

If an agent actually practices what Fred's coaching teaches, it is almost impossible not to add a deal a month. ?I feel that without the coaching it would have taken me years to get to where I am right now"
-- Brain S. Chicago, IL.

Description: Jilline-Holliday_small.jpg"Since beginning with Sales Production Secrets? I've watched my bottom line grow dramatically. Not one of those complicated, time-consuming, or expensive sales strategies agents often buy in to, Fred Wilson's programs have shown me what no other instructor, expert, book, or seminar ever could"... How to make more money now!

As a single mom pressed for time with additional?volunteer commitments?each week,?my priorities often demand attention outside of real estate.?I know I can start, stop and return to real estate interactions at any time to produce sales. This allows me to enjoy life on my schedule.

Ben Franklin believed,' ... in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.' However, if an agent?practices Fred's approach, I feel they can guarantee?improving their real estate game."
-- Jilline H. Minneapolis, MN.

Description: Kerri S.jpg"As newbies in the business, my husband and I are viable proof. In our first year of business, our gross commissions were well into the six figures. I know that if it were not for Fred Wilson's coaching there would be no way we could have done what we did in our first year out. ?What makes the most sense to me is that Fred doesn't just teach the Production Model he also practices it.

Without Fred's coaching I know that I would not have been able to begin actually doing business in the first month of having my license. ?

What I find to be the most?invaluable is hearing about Fred' very own, active case studies, and how he collects then connects the dots. I would say if an agent is serious about making more money that they should lean into the Production Model because it works"
-- Kerri S. Oak Park, IL.

Description: Capitis Agent Isreal Hernandez.jpg"Never found better or more effective training in my career; Trainers are not teaching what we are doing. They?teach,?but not from the trenches and are not doing deals each week. Theory doesn't make sales"
-- Israel H. ?Whittier, CA.

Description: Jumi A.jpg"Any agent could easily add a deal a month with?Fred's coaching.
Even as a newer agent I closed 18 escrows this year. My target is $250k. Just try it, you won't regret it. Last year I?opened 5 escrows in 5 weeks!! That was fun!!"
-- Jumi A. La Quinta, CA.

Description: Reno B.jpg"If agents actually follow Fred's teaching they are 100% guaranteed to succeed!!
Be like a child and soak up everything Fred says.
In the iconic words of Nike, 'Just do it!'"
-- Reno B. El Monte, CA.

Description: Craig Z.png"Fred's in the trenches real estate experience,?easy application to make it your own,?brought with?a comfortable manner of delivery and love of coaching for the joy of growing others' careers is always evident. Regarding Fred's Coaching, I just say, 'DO WHAT FRED SAYS'. This is the way to success,"
-- Craig Z. Youngstown, OH.

Description: Stacy S.jpg"As an executive of the company and not an agent, I find Fred's coaching incredible and beneficial to my life and my approach with people, be it new recruits or clients. ?

We have never found better training for sales -- it is synergistic, it is not predatory or scripted. It allows for individuality! It also doesn't rely on costly marketing or presentation materials. We have seen the difference between those practicing the Production Model and those that do not in our own firm. ??

It's a no brainer! I think the principles are effective across industries, as well as personally and professionally. Anyone can benefit. It's also a very affordable way to "stay on track." My guess is that many agents are failing because they don't employ a model that works and don't have daily accountability for their time. Fred's Production Model provides a daily structure for being successful!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? -- Stacy S. Anaheim, CA.

Description: Joseph_small.png"Sales Production Secrets with Fred Wilson has dramatically changed the way I approach real estate sales--for the better! I've gained a new mind-set for success."all of which has translated into income immediately. It's been like a fresh start in the business"... Thanks Fred!"??
-- Josef S. Los Angeles, CA.

Description: Betty_small_small.png"Fred Wilson has provided me with the sales training I've been looking for. His instructional style and sharing of personal experiences in real estate are very motivating to me! In fact, I find his techniques helpful in all aspects of life! I now focus daily on implementing his Principles of Production and look to the morning ProductionAlert calls to keep me on track. Thanks Fred for everything you do!"
-- Betty J. Temecula, CA.

Description: Mike Williams.jpg"More than anything, Fred Wilson's coaching has taught me to focus on today, not the future. My newfound ability to stay in the now causes me to appreciate the value of my time more and, as a result, prioritize better. Whether a 'yes' or a 'no', I have learned how to get to the truth with my prospects sooner and -- thank you SPS -- avoid the 'maybes'."?????
-- Mike W. Oklahoma City, OK.

Description: Jason S.png"If agents practice Fred's simple act of consistently asking questions while vending opportunities, they should add at least?TWO deals a month to their business. This applies whether they are seasoned agents currently closing?four deals a month or?freshly licensed?without a clue. ?
I have applied?several different types of training throughout my 15 years in the business. However, Fred's approach is like nothing else being offered to advance agents in their field. Most real estate coaches instruct agents to memorize scripts rather than master the 'ask to listen' technique. They teach students to rely on branding and company marketing at the expense of an endless budget. These approaches all rely on hopes of acquiring future business. Fred's coaching allows agents to achieve business now, not later."
-- Jason S. Placentia, CA.

Description: Kurt Bayek.jpg"It is a guarantee that, if they actually follow Fred's teaching, agents are sure to succeed. By far, the most effective coach I've heard. I'd recommend him to anyone, whether new or experienced. Fred offers coaching at a very reasonable rate to provide new income potential exceeding six figures per year. Fred's Coaching has been a great inspiration and I learn something every time I listen to him! Any agent could add a deal a month with Fred's Coaching.

"I have always considered the motivation behind other real estate coaches and former real estate 'experts' only to conclude their objective is financial gain from fees charged to participants. If their real estate systems were really so extraordinary, they would continue to close escrows rather than rely on profits from book sales and seminars. Fred's training has evolved from the ground up, past and?current real estate experience. He sets aside time to show others how to apply the same principles but continues to support himself, his family, and grow to his business by actually selling real estate. That is honorable and something every agent can believe in."
-- Kurt B. Harford, CT.


Make Money Faster and Easier

You deserve the security, inner peace, freedom, and fun that comes from earning a great living in real estate sales. Imagine how your life will change as you step off of the merry-go-round of working but not being paid and, instead, become the captain of your own ship -- a consistent producer with the ability to actually make it rain. That power is available to you now. And you have the ability to make it happen today.

Take action immediately to learn what you?truly (and perhaps surprisingly)?should be doing to succeed in the real estate business on a daily basis. You don't have to feel the pain of lack, failure, despair, or defeat just because you were never taught by a proven, practicing professional who knows what it takes and can teach you how. Act now to end your struggles and gain the financial freedom that you deserve. Take action today to dramatically change your real estate career for the better.


For less than a dollar a day, you get the following unprecedented value dedicated to your success in real estate sales. Not only the Tuesday Morning Reveal? call, but also SIX amazing bonuses -- each designed to help you make more money faster and easier."

The Tuesday Morning Reveal?

The Weekly Tuesday Morning Reveal? Call: A 25 to 30-minute call live with Fred Wilson each Tuesday at 7:30am PST*. Discussion featuring TheProduction Model: Three Essential Skills for Success in Real Estate Sales?. ?Listen in from week to week as Fred pulls the curtain back on one of his many secrets for top sales production -- powerful, proven moneymaking techniques that allow you to unlock more of your own success in the business. Career changing in effect, each call is dedicated to helping you do more business more often"... Beginning that very day!

*Rebroadcast same day at 10:30am and 9:30pm, PST.

Bonus #1

The Daily Production Alert? Call: A 10 to 15-minute real estate coaching call live with Fred Wilson each morning -- call-in at 7:30am PST*. These unique-in-the-industry calls air every day so you can listen in any day.** Specifically created to help you accelerate your pace of production, the daily ProductionAlert? calls are designed for agents -- both veteran and rookie alike -- who want to make Fred Wilson's Production Model? their own model for success in real estate sales.

*Rebroadcast each day at 10:30am and 9:30pm, PST.
**Tuesday's 7:30am ProductionAlert? call is upgraded to the 7:30am Tuesday Morning Reveal? call.

Bonus #2

The Monthly Million Dollar Bonus?: A special-edition coaching bonus emailed to you every 30 days.* Month after month, each installment features career-changing concepts in relation to Fred Wilson's income generating Production Model? for success in real estate sales. Typically, information you can't get anywhere else, each month's Million Dollar Bonus? is designed to impact your business in a powerful and specific way. Yours to have and use permanently, here are just some of the topics that await you."

*Sent via email, first of the month.

Bonus # 3

The Daily OpportunityAlert? Call: ?A 10-minute life coaching call live with Fred Wilson each weekday morning -- call-in Monday through Friday at 6:05am PST*. In discussing the laws of success, the principles of achievement, and the mechanics of abundance, each call is dedicated to helping you get more of what you want in life and less of whatever it is you just seem to get. An ideal way to start your day, the daily OpportunityAlert? calls are thought provoking, inspirational, and motivating -- in short, ideal for people in real estate sales.

*Rebroadcast each weekday at 10:05am PST.

Bonus # 4

The Weekly ProAcademy? -- Free Session: ?Guest participation in a 50-minute coaching session live with Fred Wilson and a high-energy, highly interactive studio audience -- call-in Thursday at 11:00am PST*. A valuable opportunity to refine your practice of production in a setting formatted to challenge you for success NOW in real estate sales. ProAcademy? members are committed to mastering the three most essential skill sets for success in real estate sales -- what you think, say, and do -- and often put a deal together that very same day.

*Rebroadcast Thursday at 8:00pm PST, Friday at 11:00am PST, and Saturday at 6:00am PST.

Bonus #5

20 MoneyMaker? Phrases for Success: A highlights list containing some of Fred Wilson's classic MoneyMaker? phrases -- 10 Power Statements and 10 Impact Questions -- to cue up when talking with people. Used to extend, open up, and develop a go-nowhere conversation into an interaction of discovery -- which is where the money is in the business! Challenge yourself to internalize these and other proven Fred-phrases for success and see more of your conversations with potential clients turn in the direction of new business."

*Sent via email, upon registration.

Bonus #6

Make Today Pay? -- Monthly Production Letter: ?Fred Wilson's much enjoyed coaching publication will be sent to you every 30 days*. Both informative and well written, Make Today Pay? often presents an alternative yet entertaining perspective on how Fred's Production Model? for success in real estate sales actually works. Upon reading a particular installment, agents will often say, "Ah-ha, NOW that specific concept really clicks with me." An important factor in growing your success, the following are some of the many titles you will receive."

*Sent via email, middle of the month.

How does the Guarantee work?

Real Estate agents from around the country utilize Fred Wilson's Production Model? every day, and we see our many SPS Members succeed in amazing ways with its use. Which is why your membership is backed with the following guarantee: if at any time you are not completely satisfied, simply email or call and your 100% Instant Refund Money-Back Guarantee will be processed promptly.

Don't wait for your success. Click the Succeed Now button and take advantage of this career-changing offer -- The Tuesday Morning Reveal? call, PLUS six amazing bonuses. All for less than a dollar a day, and you risk nothing with our 100% Instant Money-Back Guarantee. Embrace a new and far more profitable approach toward success real estate sales. Change your career for the better, beginning immediately!

If not an SPS Membership, then WHAT WILL YOU DO?

How will you turn your dreams into a cash-paying reality? What is your plan to absolutely and with total certainty add a deal a month to your practice of production? What other verified, proven choices do you have? Work longer hours doing the wrong things? Spend more money on costly marketing (with zero assurance of success)? Wait and hope for something to change? Success favors the well prepared and those who take effective action in the real estate business over those who do not. Take advantage of this You-Can-Do model for success in real estate sales. Act now while this one-of-a-kind offer is still available at such an incredibly low cost.

Secure your income, your success, and your freedom by becoming an SPS Member today. But in going forward, know we won't pursue you with tiresome drip email campaigns; you won't be pestered month after month in an endless effort to get you join. This may be your one chance to sign up to become an SPS Member. Don't risk losing this amazing opportunity.

May I tell you about my personal experience? As I was hired to help write this marketing piece, I was so amazed when I saw the number of SPS Members -- both new agents and veteran pros -- who saw their sales production literally take off;particularly the brand new agents in the business, agents who made over $200,000 in their first year by using Fred Wilson's Production Model?. I saw that Fred's model for success in real estate sales was duplicable. I saw longtime agents that doubled their income upon making the Production Model? their own. I saw old and young, new and veteran, shy and outspoken, fearful and bold -- all enjoying real success. By spending 8 months and 3 to 4 hours a week getting to personally know dozens of SPS Members I realized the following and what I learned changed my life: theSPS Production Model? is absolutely duplicable, and anyone can do it. I have seen it with my own eyes.Fred Wilson's Production Model? for Success not only works but works dramatically to change the lives of those using it.

I must tell you, it was a little eye-opening as I talked about this project to my veteran real estate business friends -- three agents and two brokers. They would roll their eyes and say essentially the same thing: "I don't know what you have been told, but what you are saying is not possible in real estate."But it was too late; I had seen the proof. Better yet, I had personally seen the changed lives the Production Model? had created.In getting close to many SPS Members I have seen much success, confidence, and enthusiasm in the business. Fred Wilson's SPS Production Model? absolutely works for those who work it.

Here's one story that made me realize the effectiveness of the SPS Production Model?"... ?A young agent and very successful income generator' wife was having their first child.He said something that stunned me, and it was something I had never heard in 30 plus years of sales and marketing.He said, "I am going to dial it back when the baby comes for a few months and then turn it back on a few months after the baby is born." I checked back a few months after his first child was born and sure enough he had four new deals in escrow. This gave me living of proof of two very vital facts concerning his use of the SPS Production Model?. First, the above mentioned agent knew he could shut his off his sales production and yet turn it back on again, literally at will. Second, that agent had learned to "happen" to real estate, instead of waiting for real estate to happen to him. ?Abandoning the usual scheme of waiting and hoping, he, like most SPS Producers, actually developed the ability to control his own sales production like a dial, or on/off switch.I find it amazing that some of my "industry expert" friends still don't believe it. Nevertheless, and most importantly, that agent has what every agent should have -- confidence in his ability to make it rain.

Become an SPS Member today by clicking on the Succeed Now button below, As mentioned, you get the 100% Instant Refund Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to dramatically change your real estate career for the better. All for only .98 cents a day.